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The history of the Tibetan Terrier is uncertain due to the territory of its origin. These dogs were bred in the Lamaist monasteries located in the remote sections of the Himalayas nearly 2000 years ago. It is the result of thousands of years of natural adaptation to the harsh Tibetan climate. In fact, this breed is not a terrier, but was only named that because of the similar size. Unlike many breeds, the Tibetan terrier was kept as a companion, not a worker, although it did occasionally help out with chores such as herding. It was known as “luck bringers” or “holy dogs.” Legend states that an earthquake destroys the major access route into the “Lost Valley”, so any visitors were given a good luck dog for their return trip. No one ever sold their good luck, afraid of tempting fate, however sometimes the dogs were presented as a gift of gratitude. In 1920, Dr. A. Grieg, an Indian physician, was given a good luck dog as thanks for medical treatment. He was very interested in the breed and went about obtaining additional dogs for the purpose of breeding and promoting them. It slowly became recognized first in India, then England, and finally in America in the 1950s.


If I would use only two words to typify the breed, I would say: a sage clown. Wisdom helps it to live with no conflicts and in most peaceful coexistence with its owner. Its playful nature makes our days merry and colorful and helps to forget all sorrow and pain. A Tibetan Terrier has its own place in the family with “voting right”. Its opinion cannot be negligible otherwise its sensible soul will be injured. Before you decide to take a puppy home, you must understand: nothing will be the same as it was before. A dog means obligation and happiness for a whole life and not only a few day’s fun. The Tibetan Terrier dislikes being left alone, so you cannot isolate it for 8-10 hours; it has always been a devoted companion dog. As it enjoys people so much, you can form your connection to it quite close and innerly. This affinity is not proper to many other breeds. A lot of TT owners - mind you, a Tibetan Terrier cannot be simply owned: the phrase “owner” is only a principle - take the dog to their working place with them but unfortunately this alternative is not affordable for everyone.

The Tibetan Terrier is a highly intelligent breed. It learns fast and if it winnow out our wishes, it maybe a wise and not a bull-headed behavior. It hardly makes false decision, nothing comes amiss to it. There are, however, Tibetans with less braveness in unknown situations, they may look then to their owner for direction. The breed loves to travel and experience new places. Due to its mischievous, brisk temperament, it is really adaptable for agility contests. They happily share every fun found out by you as they are bond closely to their people. They can be wary with strangers at first but you can find your way into their hearts as soon as you are worthy of. Relationship to other dogs depends on their socialization from puppyhood. After initial distance of manner they find a proper playmate very soon. They are inapt to serve as watch-dogs but are excellent alarm guarders.

Though they can be good with children, you have to be careful to deter children from doing harm to a puppy; such an action can prevent the dog from loving children. You must never, under any circumstances, leave children unattended with the dog!

You can keep it both inside or outside but, if the latter, do not close it out of your life or house as, as it mentioned before, it is completely devoted to its people. Its need of motion is average, it likes to be let off leash, to run with other dogs and catch balls. Only few of the Tibetans love to swim but there are always exceptions. Their favorite season is the winter and a lot of snow. They love to have rolls, playing in the snow. As it hardly endures summer heat, keep it off of long tours in that season, short walks are acceptable in shadow, if possible.

Having a smaller dog with high flexibility, you can take your Tibetan Terrier with you when going on holiday trouble free. Avoid leaving it alone in an unknown pension or at a person who is not well-known by the dog. As to a full family member, the vacation is due to it as well as to you. To get out of the groove for a while, to experience new, exciting places is a buzz for a dog, too. Most important, however, to be together with its family.

If you choose a Tibetan Terrier, you will have a lovely, keen minded, clever and honest partner with heart of gold for long years. Through thick and thin, you have to be beside it, and it will also share your delight and sadness. Never breach of its confidence, appreciate that. Be proud of having the pleasure of such a wonderful friend’s love!



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